Hey! My name is Maite. I am a Holistic Nutrition Expert, Holistic Coach and Educator. I can't wait to share with you new, exciting and crazy healthy ways to cook and live!  Welcome to My kitchen where only nourishing, delicious, and simple foods rule!



 I offer custom packages that work for all bodies. I believe that when we ground ourselves in a healthy, whole foods we create a ripple of change in our lives. I use a mix of my formal education, coaching, and intuition to guide clients. 



I don't believe in dieting, rules, tags or deprivation. Rather than depriving yourself of the things that have become food “habits,” I recommend crowding out your poorer choices with whole and nutrient dense foods that you prepare at home.  



Recipe creation is my alchemy. The challenge of taking whole simple ingredients and creating something new, delicious, and good for the body is where I shine. The recipes are all created by me with love and care for food + people.

Love your life. Make it happen